Peer to Peer Transport

Connecting Rural Communities

Got a pick up or delivery request?

Heading out of town with extra space in your vehicle?

connects peers for transport sharing

In a PICKle is completely web-based so members do not have to download the program and take up storage on their phones. The mobile app is accessible from any web browser on a mobile device or computer.

Best of all…it’s free! Sign up today.

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Hey bro, ya’ in a PICKle?

Need a couchleashtirebaseballcar parttool

Jay can pick it up in Great Falls tomorrow.

in a PICKle

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How it works

The Value

  • In A PICKle is a captive audience coming together for the very specific purpose of transportation assistance among members.

  • The audience consists of two types of members. Those who need help getting an object from point A to point B (requesters) and those who are able to assist transporting that object (runners).

  • Along with the captive audience, In A PICKle provides a platform that connects members based on the route of a requested transport.

  • The requester will post the pick up and drop off  locations and the runner will be notified of requests that match their service area or route within a planned trip.

  • In A PICKle matches members and then provides a messaging platform for peers to begin their communication regarding the request.

  • The platform also sends notifications to peers regarding their requests and upcoming jobs.