Timothy Moylan, CEO

Born and raised in Ainsworth Nebraska, Timothy Moylan is the youngest of seven children. He graduated high school from Ainsworth in 1994 and proceeded to attend the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. In 1997 he started an electrical apprenticeship program and became a Journeyman Electrician in 2001. From 2001 until 2006 Timothy traveled the US wiring several High Schools, prisons and hospitals. In 2007 he met his wife Kayla Hanson in Shelby Montana while doing an addition on the CCA Prison. Kayla graduated with a teaching degree in History in 2008 from Montana State University in Bozeman and they both decided to make Shelby their home. 

While working out at Glacier Wind Farm for 12 years outside of Shelby as a Wind Technician/Auditor, Timothy came up with the In A PICKle app idea around 2018 when he was noticing the amount of empty truck beds/trailers going up and down the interstate from Great Falls, MT to Shelby on a daily basis. He also noticed the excessive amount of people not wanting or not being able to make the 82 mile trip to Great Falls, due to not having time or simply not wanting to chance getting the Coronavirus. After researching what it would take to set up an app, discussing it with Jena Smith and the beginning of Covid-19 in 2020, Timothy decided to act on his idea and get it started.

Timothy and Kayla have 16 year old, Shane, and 1 year old, Elizabeth. They enjoy camping in the summertime, exercising daily, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Jena Smith, COO

Since graduating from Montana State University Bozeman in 2007, Jena Smith has held a variety of leadership, technological and management positions. She is the owner of a Health Workforce Research and Data Services company called WIM Tracking. In this role, she works alongside state agencies and nonprofits in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. In 2018, she built and launched a web-based application called The Bright App that allows mental health consumers to locate a counselor anywhere in Montana. The application is being used on a variety of non-profit websites across the state.

When Timothy approached Jena with his idea of developing a tool to connect neighbors for peer to peer transport, she immediately saw the value and joined Timothy as the Chief Operating Officer of In A PICKle. Jena was born in Eastern Montana and raised on Montana’s Hi-Line in Shelby. With family dispersed across this large state, Jena is well aware of the challenges that come with rural living. Jena is a key component in the technology available from In A PICKle and the day to day operations of the program.

Outside of the office, Jena is an avid outdoorswoman and spends her time in the mountains. Jena and her husband, Zach, enjoy hiking, wake surfing, running and spending time with their dogs and rabbit.